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This truly amazing creature is one of the finest novelties out there. It became known widely after receiving its current design when patented in the mid-1940s, though the principles of this novelty date back centuries earlier. 

This curious glass bird will swing back and forth, occasionally pausing to slowly take a drink from its glass of water (you provide the glass and water). As long as the glass is kept topped up every week or so the bird will just keep drinking. We have one at Old Jokes HQ as a little mascot who has been going for months!

As well as being a fun novelty, it is also an interesting example of a heat engine and a good STEM demonstration, though the glass construction and liquid inside do mean adult supervision is required. 

The perfect addition to a home bar, or just a curiosity to nod away on a shelf. Simpsons fans may also remember a further use for this, though we don’t condone the Drinking Bird as a homeworking aid.


This item is not a toy. Keep away from young children. Follow all directions on the packaging. 

The Original Drinking Bird

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