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Though early and rare, we have sourced four of these, all unsold shop stock. Select which one you would prefer prices vary by condition. 


These were made in Germany for the UK market. These were almost certainly made by Quehl of Nurenburg and the Champion branding suggests they were made for Davenports. They appear to be normal cigarette boxes with matchboxes resting on them, but when picked up they vibrate, giving the victim a shock. These clever clockwork mechanisms are actually built as two matchboxes, but a cigarette box has been added around the lower one. All working. 


These come with our exclusive Fact Card on the history of joke manufacturing in Germany.


Condition: Very good, some wear and marks. They have some wrinkling and loss to labels, probably as manufactured. They are ranked from best (A) to least good (D), but D is still in good condition and fully working.


This is a vintage item and is being sold as a collectible, not a toy.

German Vibrating Match and Cigarette Boxes (Quehl and Davenports)

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