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Sold individually.


These incredibly rare, extremely realistic, joke flies were probably manufactured in Germany between the wars. They are beautifully hand-painted with shimmering eyes and have carefully attached cellulose nitrate wings. Each has a pin to the underside, allowing them to be affixed to clothing (with the addition of a clip to the rear[not included]) or they can be pushed into softwood furniture. They look great displayed pushed into a cork. Close-up photography doesn't do justice to how persuasive these are. We have two paint variations, ones with black abdomens and ones with gold abdomens.


(I've been trying to find one of these for over twenty years after hearing Ivor Cutler describe how he'd always wear them when meeting friends. He probably picked up his in Ellisdons. He regularly featured flies in his songs and poems and even had one named after him. These are the first I've found in twenty years of searching. - Philip)


This comes with our exclusive Fact Card on the history of German-made novelties.


Condition: Very good, some have small chips to the paint, some legs are in varying positions, though these can be adjusted.


This is a vintage item and is being sold as a collectible, not a toy.

German Joke Flies

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