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This superb quality prank from the 1920s, the golden age of German jokes, is in the form of a boxed set of "12 Act Cards" which are "Very spicy. For Gentlemen only." The label also has a great illustration of a semi-naked woman with dancers behind her reminiscent of the risqué shows of Berlin when this was made. Expecting to find a set of naughty photographs, the victim slides open the box only for an explosive cap to be set off! The drawer is all metal and superb quality, probably made by the Nuremberg factory of Simon Hechinger. Extremely rare, we have two only and these seem to be unsold shop stock. 


This comes with our exclusive Fact Card on the history of joke manufacturing in Germany.


Condition: Very good, the paper on the outer box has some wear and fading.


This is a vintage item and is being sold as a collectible, not a toy.

German Exploding Spicy "Act Cards"

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