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Original Ellisdons joke nail. These would be pushed into a car tyre to make the owner believe they've run over a large nail and have a puncture. Very scarce metal novelty from the 1950s.


This comes with our exclusive Fact Card on the history of the legendary magic and joke shop Ellisdons, who were famed for their comic book adverts and for stocking Woolworths with exciting tricks.


Condition: Good, card backer has creasing and some wear. The joke itself sits in a small hole in the card, but it easily falls out, need a bit of wrangling to get it back in, but when its left on display it should stay put. Staple could be removed, joke secured in place with some tape to the back, and staple replaced is you wished.


This is a vintage item and is being sold as a collectible, not a toy.

Ellisdons Joke Auto Nail

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